Alopecia Totalis

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Alopecia Totalis


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On our website you will find information, advice and resources about Alopecia, Hair Loss and Baldness in Men, Women and Children. We hope you find the articles useful, informative and interesting.

Although hair loss is not a harmful disease, it is still a hard condition to deal with for a lot of people, especially in today's fashion conscious world. So much is thought about image that those with their problem feel isolated and alone.

One such type of hair loss is Alopecia Totalis. Studies have concluded that the Alopecia Totalis condition is caused by an issue in the person's auto-immune system. The auto-immune system actually attacks the hair follicles and therefore stops their growth. Find out more about this disease here.

There are 3 types of Alopecia: Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis.

Alopecia Areata is where the hairs starts to fall out and forms into small patches usually on the scalp. Alopecia Totalis as the name suggests is total hair loss from the scalp. Alopecia Universalis is the most severe case and this is hair loss from the scalp, eyebrows, body, hands and feet.

If you feel that you are encountering Alopecia Totalis or any of the other Alopecia conditions, it is a good idea to consult with specialists, research the issue and even arrange to see a dermatologist. This will help you to understand your condition and also know that you are taking pro-active steps to make the best of the situation.

This will also provide you with the knowledge of what to expect from the condition that you are facing. Being armed with this information can help in coping with the stress that can be brought on from a condition such as Alopecia Totalis. As once the hair loss starts, it can be a very hard to deal with for some people, however, if you have an insight into what to expect it may in some cases lessen the stress levels. To not understand or know why you have this condition can lead to a very stressful state which in turn can lead to other issues.

People will be affected by the onset of Alopecia Totalis in different ways. Some will be very pragmatic and accept that the have the condition and try not to allow it to change their life, whilst others will look for solutions or alopecia treatments and try and find ways to combat the condition. This could be in the form of hair loss solutions and remedies or maybe wigs or hairpieces. Visit Causes of Hair Loss if you want to find out about how hair loss happens and why hair loss happens.

Check out what’s new on our site – new page with explanations of Hair Loss Terms and an Alopecia Glossary. You will find out what the terms related to hair loss really mean.

Let us know if you have further topics you would like us to consider. We can research any hair loss related topic and find out great new facts to put on our website.


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Alopecia Fact #1

Alopecia is not gender specific it affects both men and women.

Alopecia Fact #2

Around 25% of sufferers from alopacia have a family history of the condition

Alopecia Fact #3

It is estimated that 1.8% of the population will have suffered from some form of alopecia in their life.